Having a complete set of healthy teeth can provide a number of benefits for your smile. Obviously, there are cosmetic benefits. You can smile with confidence and look and feel your best in professional and social settings. Missing teeth can be embarrassing, and a significant number of lost teeth can give your face a sunken appearance, causing you to look older than you truly are. Beyond aesthetics, a full smile is also a healthy smile. Missing teeth can make it difficult for you to bite and chew your food properly and can cause problems for your ability to speak clearly. Empty places in your smile can give your remaining teeth room to drift out of their proper alignment and strike one another at the wrong angles. The result can be dental damage. Plaque can hide just as easily on your gums as it can on your teeth. Cavities and infected teeth can result in discomfort and health issues that reach beyond your smile.

Our dentist and team offer options for restorative dentistry to improve your appearance and oral health. We can replace missing teeth and restore and protect teeth that have been damaged by trauma, decay and disease. Instead of living with an incomplete smile, call our office and schedule a visit with us.